Our daily life, economic vitality, and national security depend on a stable, safe, and resilient cyberspace.*

Bulldog Bytes is an outreach program for Mississippi students and teachers established at Mississippi State University (MSU) in 2013 by Dr. Sarah Lee and software engineering student Ms. Rian Walker.  The program was initially funded through the National Center for Women & Information Technology's AspireIT program. 

Bulldog Bytes has partnered with the National Science Foundation/National Security Agency’s GenCyber program and AspireIT to provide a platform for cybersecurity and computing education outreach for PK-12 students and teachers in Mississippi.

Facilitated through the Mississippi Computing and Cybersecurity Equitable Education Space (MSuCCEEDS) housed at MSU, the project based curriculum introduces students to a diverse set of computing professionals and enables them to learn:

  • cybersecurity awareness through hands-on independent and team modules,

  • digital forensics with hands on case study projects,

  • computational thinking skills using robots to learn computer programming, and

  • team-based problem solving, design, and implementation.



*Department of Homeland Security: https://www.dhs.gov/topic/cybersecurity



The GenCyber Program provides summer cybersecurity camp experiences for K12 students and teachers.  Goals of the program are to help all students understand correct and safe online behavior, increase diversity and interest In cybersecurity careers, and improve teaching methods for delivering cybersecurity content in K-12 computer science curricula.

The program is part of the solution to the nation's shortfall of skilled cybersecurity professionals. GenCyber camps are open to all student and teacher participants at no cost. Funding Is Provided Jointly By The National Security Agency And The National Science Foundation. (GenCyber, 2016)