Teachers are Innovators!

We help teachers build self-efficacy in computer science by meeting them in the comfort of their content areas. They, in turn, help build computational thinkers and develop computing and cybersecurity skills among the PK-12 students of Mississippi. A trans-disciplinary approach emphasizes the relevancy of computing.


Bulldog Bytes offers summer professional development opportunities in computer science and cybersecurity for K-12 teachers. This transdisciplinary program uses the Attract-Inspire-Mentor (AIM) approach, which was developed by researchers in the Bagley College of Engineering and the College of Education at Mississippi State University. AIM is enabling teachers across the state of Mississippi to integrate computational thinking and cybersecurity concepts into their classroom. AIM has led to the creation of a college credit course for pre-service teachers which is offered with an online option for in-service teachers.


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Teacher Workshop Program Director: Dr. Pamela Bracey pbracey@colled.msstate.edu